What is Demeter Certified Biodynamics?

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What is Demeter Certified Biodynamics?

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DEMETER certified bio-dynamics is anenhanced biological farming practice, a way of producing food that is highlyregarded by farmers and consumers for its quality.

This quality comes from the holisticapproach the farmer takes towards his or her environment.

The health of the soil is the farmer'squalitative yardstick.

DEMETER certified bio-dynamic farmersuse unique soil, plant and compost preparations that, when practicedsuccessfully, create a humus-rich, well-structured soil ideal for the growth ofhealthy vibrant plants.

Under the respectful work of the farmer, the plant grows in tune with natureand the pure influence of the Sun and Cosmos. Quality food enriched naturallyin an alive environment is the result of Demeter bio-dynamic farming practices.

Bio–dynamics originated in the early1920s from the work of Austrian scientist and philosopher, Dr Rudolf Steiner.

DEMETER certified bio-dynamics in Australia was pioneered by Alex Podolinsky in1953 with the establishment of the Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association ofAustralia.

The Bio-Dynamic Research Institute in Powelltown, Victoria, was formed in 1955to certify farmers under the DEMETER logo (trademarked in 1967).

The Australian DEMETER symbol indicatesproduce has been grown and processed according to the standards of theBio-Dynamic Research Institute, using environmentally friendly, ecologicallysafe, biological methods to activate and nuture the life of the soil, plantsand animals within natures organisation, without the use of artificial orsynthetic chemicals, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms or the use ofany unnecessary additives.

“In bio-dynamics we are builders of health,not healers of sickness.” - Alex Podolinsky


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